A Klezmer playing a "Freilach Niggun" on Saxophone

Oil painting on canvas. Size 40 * 60 cm

In this painting, I wanted to express the gaiety and joy of playing. From the position and expression of the players face, through my choice of shades to express it, to the directions of the brushstrokes, it looks as if the whole painting is coming out to dance to the cheerful melody of the merry klezmer. In this painting, I also expressed my love for music, which, like the art of painting, allows expression of the feelings of the heart and the yearning of the soul. I loved the combination of elegance and playfulness in the metallic look and the typical character of the saxophone. It was important to me that the pose be precise and delicate, just like that of a skilled musician. As I drew the klezmer fingers floating across the valves, I connected to the joyous playing experience.

Original: 55,000$

Print on canvas with original signature: 1,700$
Only 8 lithographs available.