2020 was a year no one expected. A year of chaos, pain, isolation, and loss.

We, the Jewish people, experienced many heavy, painful losses. Every single Jew we lost, every family left behind, is an unimaginably great, gaping loss. Our pain was acute at the loss of many giants, leaders of our community, and the Jewish world.

Such was the loss of the Novominsker Rebbe ZT"L.

The Novominsker Rebbe was a great leader, headed Jewish institutions, and gave his heart in every way possible to bring Jews closer to each other and to their Father in heaven.

Added to our pain is the fact that we were unable, because of the limitations of Covid 19, to accompany the righteous on their final earthly journey, to accord them our respect and the honor they deserved. Although the Novominsker Rebbe ZT"L did not need this honor, and never sought honor during his illustrious life, we ourselves need it to express our pain and our appreciation for his great contribution to our lives and so many facets of Jewish life and for deepening the connection between Jews and Hashem. We pined for the opportunity because a proper funeral enables us to connect with his message and his legacy and reinforce in ourselves the values he taught, for ourselves and our future generations.

The fact that we, as a community, were barred from this privilege sat heavily on my heart, and I thought about what could be done to fill this gap. It occurred to me to it was not too late. We could still commemorate his legacy, remind ourselves of his teachings, and inspire ourselves and our children. We could create a commemorative project that would allow each and every one of us to express, in his/her own way, the honor he/she would like to pay to the late Rebbe of Novominsk TZ"L.

My goal is to enable everyone to join together as he taught

to perpetuate the memory of the Tzaddik through stories, insights, anecdotes, pictures, and messages, and together create a collective memory bank to fulfill what we missed.

I shared my idea with the Rebbe TZ"L's family and received their blessing.

My Journey:

For as long as I can remember, painting has been a tool for expressing my innermost feelings and experiences or to express appreciation for a personality that has inspired me.

Naturally, I chose to paint as the central part of this commemorative initiative.
I want my painting to express the specialness of the Rebbe TZ"L and his everlasting impact and impression on us all. I have spent a lot of time poring over many pictures and reading about his many initiatives and activities on behalf of Klal Yisroel. I talked to family members and asked for insights and details. Thank you to Reb. Treger and Mrs. Teitlebaum for the very special pictures you shared with me. These are my inspiration and basis for starting my painting.

I want to express in my painting the Rebbe ZT"L's greatness in Torah, his powerful leadership, and his approach of love and joy.

As I begin painting, I would like to share my journey and process with you. I want to invite you to join me in commemorating the Novomisker Rebbe TZ"L and creating our collective offering in his memory.

I hope to present both my painting and the collective memory bank we build together to the family of the Novomisker Rebbe TZ"L as Klal Yisroel's gift of appreciation for what he was, what he built, and what he instilled in us all.

I will, BE"H post my progress here so that you can encourage me and join my efforts to create a meaningful, rich, varied, and special collection.

Your journey:

I invite you to join my journey! Please visit here to see my progress, give me feedback on my work and share where it meets you and the connection you had with the Rebbe ZTL.

Your part in the journey:

I'm not alone in these feelings!

In conversations with people I have discovered that a LOT of people feel like I do but have no way to express their feelings and no way to pass on to his family and future generations the messages and insights they have received from the Tzaddik.

So, instead of quietly painting in my house, I invite you to join me and hundreds and thousands of other people who also feel like I do.

During the process of preparing the painting, I will gather your stories, insights, messages, and feelings. Join me, and together we will create a worthy commemoration for the Tzaddik who directly or indirectly influenced us all.

I invite you to join my project and add your appreciation for the action and essence that was the Novominsker Rebbe ZT"L.

Tell about your relationship with him, tell a story that touched your heart, share photos you have of his activities, or add experience you have had with him. Together we will create a commemoration for his family and for future generations.

With G-d's help, we will collect the things that will be sent and published in this forum and present them to his dear family.

Leave your mark, and express your appreciation. Join me in this project.

There is more:

1)      Please share this initiative with others that you feel would like to take part and share their experiences with the Novomisker Rebbe's family and Klal Yosroel in his honor.

2)      If you have any additional ideas on how we can upgrade this venture to pay last respects to the Novomisker Rebbe TZ"L, I would love to hear from you.

Three years from the start of the project.

With great excitement we shared the results with the family
in the esteemed presence of the executive of the Novominsk Yeshiva USA, Rabbi Lipa Brennan שליט"א. Today, the painting graces the place that was the pearl of the Rebbe's heart - the Novominsk Yeshiva USA.

A few words from the executive of the Novominsk Yeshiva USA:

"You have a G-d given talent & you should only use it to bring people closer to Hashem & live a more meaningful life for themselves, their family & all those they can be mashpia upon. Shana Tova Umevureches".

Rabbi Lipa Brennan

The original painting was dedicated as a gift to the Novominsk Yeshiva.
However, you can purchase a high-quality print of the painting with the artist's original signature.
Only 83 lithographs available for purchase.
The price for a lithograph: 1,500 USD.