The Lubavticher Rebbe

Water color painting on cotton paper. Size - 58 * 78 cm

Sometimes it seems that the act of painting begins with the layout of the page and the taking of the brush by hand. In fact, the act of painting may start long before that. This painting of the Lubavitcher Rebbe developed in my mind's eye long before I applied it to the page. In time, it became clear to me how exactly I want the painting to look and what I want it to express. Then I just waited for the opportunity to fulfill that desire and put it on the page. It was important to me to leave a lot of air and emphasize the point—the focus of the image—as everything else fades away. The transition from cold to warm colors expresses the leadership personality of the Lubavitcher Rebbe—a personality that combined love, warmth, and sublime qualities, along with clear and considered leadership.

Buying options:

Original: 27,000$

Print with original signature: 1,500$